Wanderlust Bikinis Project

wanderlust bikinis project
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Wanderlust is a new swimwear startup, eco-friendly bikinis for earth-loving wanderers.

Flattering and stylish with bold colours, “Xtra Life Lycra” with a unique style that complements flattering curves.

The brand have been consistent on all social media platforms posting, images, stories and promoting sales. But with all their static content on their social pages, they were missing a video.

So Wanderlust Bikinis reached out to Beat Them By Design to create one. 

Our creative team were more than happy to deliver a video that would position Wanderlust Bikinis amongst the leading brands in the Australian swimwear industry.

Keep reading as we dive deep and explore the creative process of this video from content curation, to the final composition.

Project Overview

The video they requested was to feature their brand logo and slogan, which is “where in the world will you wear yours?”

We were blown away by the quality of the content on their website. 

The models and lookbook (that give the viewers ideas of how to style outfits) are well documented and organized. 

project overview
look book

Once the team spent a few hours looking over the content from their website, we had an idea of featuring images from the lookbook and individual product shots into a composition. 

But with so much content to choose from, it was time to start curating.  

Content Curation

Wanderlust Bikinis have a fantastic range of swimwear. 

We wanted to select only two for this video and highlight the specifics using callout text.

A callout is a short string of text connected by a line, giving information about that feature.

We are ensuring the video is informative and visually appealing. 

The first line of bikinis we chose to present was Bondi Bikinis.

Our reason for choosing the Bondi line was the association people already have with Bondi Beach. 

We noticed during the research stage the Bondi Bikinis can be worn in several different ways. Double that because it’s also reversible! 

These types of features are the ones you want to present to your audience. The less your audience have to research, the better. 

The second line of swimwear we decided to present was the platinum line.

Again, another great word for its association. 


As you can see, the words and image create a perfect visual representation.

With the research completed, it was time to create a composition which will be visually consistent throughout the video.

We break this stage of the process into four steps:

Theme – Deciding on the colour scheme throughout the video and backgrounds of each scene.

Logo Animation – Establishing an excellent logo animation, which will be the anchor for the rest of the video. 

Motion Design – Creating custom transitions between scenes, plus adding visual effects to static images.

Audio – Selecting the right music and sound effects to complement the visuals and also recording the voiceover for the slogan. 

YES! We do voiceovers now.

With all the steps outlined, let’s get started. 


At this point, we began experimenting with colour palettes and also individual model images that will showcase each line of swimwear. 

We first isolated the images (converted into PNG) of each model so we could create a new background.

Now that we had each image with a transparent background, this allowed us to create a custom backdrop with subtle motion which would enhance the visuals of each scene.

theme 2

Positioning the models in water was a cool idea. 

We will come back to these images to apply motion and call out text.

With the theme for each scene created and colour scheme selected, it was time to focus on the logo animation. 


Sell Anything With Instagram’s Carousel

Logo Animation

Revealing the Wanderlust Bikinis logo in water was always in the back of our minds.

We brainstormed a few variations, but nothing grabbed our attention until we created the object dropping into the water, thus revealing the logo. 

The descending/ascending tide transition will feature throughout the composition.

Now that we had our logo animation and scenes set up, it was time to add motion to our elements.   

Motion Design

This part of the process is where we give life to static images.

Once we mapped out the sequence of the video, we get a better understanding of where to add our transitions, plus any additional elements to enhance the visuals. 

The first transition we created was for the Bondi and Platinum titles.

We created a transition of water bursting, revealing the title and image. 

Adding subtle light flares and camera blur, is an excellent way to give a static image more appeal. 

The next scenes we focused on were the models presenting each line of swimwear.

As we mentioned before, applying callout text next to each specific feature was crucial to ensure this video was informative.

To make the callouts standout, we chose a bright purple for the text with a handwritten style font.

call out text
call out text

By adding flickering stars around each model, it added a touch of glamour to the scene.

Beat Them By Design have always planned to introduce a voiceover service, and this was the perfect opportunity to showcase it.


Adding vocals will add a human touch to our videos.

The team was excited because we had the perfect candidate for the voiceover. 

It was time to call in our very talented writer and content strategist, Gemma, into the recording booth.

Gemma is known in the office as the “Jukebox” for belting out random hits from the ’80s and ’90s.

Now it was her time to shine.

The team at Wanderlust Bikinis were thrilled with our new voiceover.

The music we selected for this video was a summer trap style beat. 


And just like that, Wanderlust Bikinis have their first promotional video. 

I hope this project overview has opened your eyes to the endless possibilities of repurposing content.

You don’t need a lot of content for the team at BTBD to create an impressive video.

Utilizing our skills gives your brand the best chance to stand out on social media.  

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