Oops! All Bangers Project

Oops! all bangers project
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Here’s Johnny! The Oops! All Bangers project is not the first time the team at BTBD has collaborated with the very talented beatmaker and producer Johnny Slash.

For over two years now, we have been creating promotional content for his Instagram and Youtube channel. So when Johnny says he has an album dropping soon, you can expect a killer promotional video from our team to follow.

The Oops! All Bangers project promises to be a great collaborative, effort not only from our team but also from the very talented illustrator @eyesbleeddefiance who designed the artwork for the album.

The Cap’n Crunch theme turned out to be an excellent idea for this album. The artwork had a lot of elements to animate and repurpose.

That is our field of expertise at BTBD. Making your content work harder for you.

Johnny wanted to switch things up a bit for this album launch. He requested a “pre-order now video” and two videos of himself performing beats from the album, which he did a fantastic job of recording himself.

Johnny’s grind and our team’s innovation paid off.” 

Johnny was hyped with the videos and proudly blasted them all over his social media accounts. Oops! All Bangers is Johnny Slash’s debut project on Broken Complex.

This project will also serve as an excellent blueprint for artists wanting to create promotional content, so keep reading as we guide you through our creative process.

Project Overview

The seeds for Oops! All Bangers project had been planted earlier in the year. 

Johnny had reached out to our team for a private chat to get the wheels in motion and obtain a clear vision of his expectations for this album launch.

Pre-order video – displaying album artwork and footage of himself playing beats.

Performance videos – of him performing beats from the album with the endings displaying artwork and track title.

Johnny will be bringing some serious fire to his social feeds once this project was completed.

When we received the artwork and video files, our team were ready to create a banger of a promotional video. First up, character animation.

Character Animation

Now that we had the artwork files, our eyes were set on animating Cap’n Crunch.

We wanted the Cap’n Crunch animation to be minimal but organic. 

character animation

Animating Cap’n Crunch popping up from behind the text and waving his sword, would be just enough to enhance the visuals and give this composition some variety.

The Cap’n Crunch animation loop would also be used as a lower third (A lower-third is a graphic that appears on the lower-third of the video screen and draws viewers attention to the information placed there.)


Built Logo Animation

Now that we have the character animated, it was time to cook up the secret sauce… Element FX.

Element FX

Element FX is the secret sauce for any successful motion graphics composition.

Utilizing every element of the artwork, we decided to animate the Johnny Slash logo and the Oops! All Bangers text.

element fx logo
Logo element FX
Text element FX

This cartoon style explosion effects were perfect for these elements.

Now that we have animated these elements, we are ready to place them within the composition.


This part of the process is where we give life to static images.

Once we mapped out the sequence of the video, we get a better understanding of where to add our transitions, plus any additional elements to enhance the visuals. 

motion design

We have found that a 20 to 30 second composition is perfect for promotional videos. 

The pre-order video is now completed, but there are still two more performance videos to edit. 

Performance Videos

As excited as our team was to create the official promotional video, it was the performance videos we couldn’t wait to edit.

Utilizing elements from the album’s artwork, we create transitions and lower thirds. 

performance slide 2

The beginning of each video starts with a transition displaying the track title. 

As you can see, repurposing elements from the album’s artwork keeps the overall design consistent.

The Cap’n Crunch animation loop was perfect to use during the video accompanied by “new album coming soon” text on the top right corner.


Bridges & Tunnels Project


There you have it, another successful campaign for Johnny Slash.

Motion graphics can breath new life to static images for promotional videos. 

If you have never considered using lower thirds in your promotional content, this project is an excellent example of how to use them effectively.

A big pat on the back for our man Johnny Slash.

It goes to show that extra effort goes a long way, especially when you have the team at BTBD editing your content.

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