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ms.lova body wash
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Early in 2020, Ms.Lova teamed up yet again with the creative team at BTBD. 

The queen of self-tanning solutions was planning on launching a new product that would become the game-changer alongside her already successful line of self-tanning products. A tan-friendly, all-natural body wash.

After a successful teaser we created for her Face Tanning Water, Ms.Lova wanted to take this teaser video to the next level.

The overall design aesthetic works perfectly with her modern, minimal, cosmopolitan vibe, which is why Ms.Lova tanning solutions are loved all over the world.

Keep reading, as we take you behind the scenes of our creative process and breakdown how we created this promotional teaser entirely by CGI.

Not to go into too much information about the creative process, we only want to share the most valuable steps which might answer any questions you may of have regarding our services and how we achieve results in the final design.

Let’s get started.

Project Overview

As always, we kicked off this project with a private discussion between Ms.Lova and our creative team. 

At BTBD, we take these early stages of conversations seriously. 

This is the client’s opportunity to voice their design goals and brand vision and our chance to spot any potential opportunities or challenges.

Ms.Lova wanted a sexy and enticing teaser to create anticipation before the launch.

One issue that she did advise our team from the beginning, was that she couldn’t provide us with any product images of the body wash. She had previously booked a product photographer for the following week but wanted the promotional teaser ASAP. 

“So with a short time frame and with no images of the product, only references, it was all systems go.”

In total, the Ms.Lova body wash teaser would include:

3D Modelling – Modelling the product in 3D and creating an underwater environment as the backdrop.

Animation – Setting up multiple cameras to capture the product floating, procedurally creating volumetric lighting and bubbles for underwater realism.

Motion Graphics – Applying transitions and callout text to ensure this video is informative.

As you can see, this project focused mostly on CGI animation. 

Our design team would undoubtedly have their hands full. First up, 3D product modelling.


Eve's Skin Project

Modelling Products in 3D

Modelling products 3d

Modelling product provides our design team with more flexibility when brainstorming ideas for a composition.

Ms.Lova did provide us with the labels which were applied to the 3D mesh once we had finished the modelling process.



Getting the composition right is so essential when creating product teasers. A teaser campaign allows your audience to feel included on a special secret like you want to have fun with them.

We start with an environment scene, focusing in on the bottle floating underwater amongst the bubbles. 

Then a close up of the product accompanied by call-out text, informing the viewer of the benefits of the product. 

“A callout is a short string of text connected by a line, giving information about that feature.

For the final scene, we focus in on the product landing onto the ocean bedding, with subtle rocking motion upon impact for realism.


And just like that, the Ms.Lova body wash teaser is completed.


Now you have a better understanding of the following:


3D Modelling- How we can model your products in 3D with labelling for realistic visuals.

Environment Design- Creating custom environments or backdrops for your product launches that can enhance your promotional content.


You don’t need a lot of content for the team at BTBD to create an impressive video.

Utilising our skills gives your brand the best chance to stand out on social media. 

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