Evoke Attire Project

evoke attire project
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Combining street style and the latest in activewear, Evoke Attire was established in 2019. 

Evoke was created to meet the needs of the active individual. Capturing the essence of function meets fashion, this young start-up has its eyes set on making a significant impact on the activewear industry.

When Mike, the director of Evoke, reached out to us for a social media video, we couldn’t resist. 

The final presentation would be a favourite amongst the creative team for its simplicity and bold typography. 

There is no scrolling past this video.

In this project overview, you’ll see the Evoke Attire project through the eyes of our designers. Here is the step-by-step process of the video…

Let’s get started.

Project Overview

Mike requested was a promo video to drive traffic to their website from Instagram and to build brand awareness. 

The brand has been consistent on all social media platforms, posting images, stories and promoting sales. But with all their static content on their social pages, they were missing a video.

We have worked with many young start-up brands and understand the importance of first impressions. 

The video had to be upbeat, explosive and informative to the viewer. 

Content Curation

During this stage of the process, our team gathered all the images they could find from their website and social media feed.

With only images to work with and no video footage, we had our work cut out. 

We sometimes worried about creating videos for young start-up brands because of the lack of content they produce. In this case, what little content Evoke had was of high quilty and well documented. 

They had just finished a photo shoot at Sydney’s iconic Bondi Bech, and the images were perfect for a video.


We approach these next stages from the perspective of the viewer’s lens.

We want to minizine the risk of new viewers scrolling past this video, so we first focus on creating a well-balanced composition. 


The image of the women and men standing side by side was perfect for the intro.  

This would establish that Evoke Attire is targeting both genders. 


In terms of overall typeface for the video, our design team had the idea for big, bold typography with a clean black and white color scheme. 

Considering their logo was a solid monogram that stands out, we decided to go with a bold Oswald font for the video. Together, they give this video the explosive visuals that keeps the viewers engaged


Our motion designers love this stage of the process because they get to showcase their creative skills of animating logos.

But not this time.

We felt that Evoke had a strong standing logo from a design standpoint and animating the logo would lose some of that appeal.

Instead, they came up with the concept of using their slogan, which is “summon your inner strength” with images that best suit the words.  

Introduction 1
introduction 2
introduction 3
evoke project

Reducing the aspect ratio of the screen to landscape, best captures the visual concept we’re trying to achieve.

This style of introduction was a great way to begin the video with a bang.

Product Mockup

While collecting all the images from the photoshoot, there were no isolated product shots to display. 

We managed to find one image of the women’s leggings, all we needed now was a men’s t-shirt product shot. 

product mockup

We created a realistic mockup of the t-shirts for this video. 

Focusing on realism with our mockups and adding cleanly rounded edges to the shirts, gives our mockups an authentic look.

t-shirt mockup


And just like that, Evoke Attire have their first promotional video. 

Our team learn something new with every project, and this video was no exception. 

1. Maximize high-quality images: A great way to repurpose pictures is by zooming in and capturing an essential aspect of the image.


Introduction 1
Maximize high-quality images


 2. Go BIG: The concept of big, bold text in a video is always questionable. Is it effective in capturing the viewer’s attention? 

Large fonts can have a positive impact on your memory retention. 

With only seconds to capture people’s attention on social media these days, it’s not a bad idea to go big and highlight deliverables to your targeted audience. 

I hope this project overview has opened your eyes to the endless possibilities of repurposing content.


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