Eve's Skin Project

eve's skin project
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Eve’s Skin is a new start-up created to help women in Australia afford high-quality vegan & chemical-free beauty products.

The team at Eve’s Skin reached out to Beat Them By Design to create a promotional video because they wanted something different.

“Can your team create a video with a bit of a wow factor that we can use for ads? Something not every tom dick and harry does. Trying to market as a high-end luxury.” 


Our creative team were more than happy to knock this project out of the park.

As a creative agency, we believe in total transparency with our clients. 

That is why we share our project portfolio to educate potential clients seeking similar results. 

Let’s get started.

Project Overview

As always, our team got together to discuss how we could create a promotional video for Eve’s Skin, which would position the brand as high-end.

For Eve’s Skin it was all about the GLAM!

We stepped up our game and created a promotional video that was 100% CGI (computer-generated imagery), which ensured the visuals would look crisp and high-end.

The reason we decided to create this video by CGI was because of the little content Eve’s Skin had. By modelling their product range in a 3D environment, our team had more control of the content.

eve's skin product promotion
CGI Render
Real Image

The above render image shows the versatility of modelling products in 3D, than using static images. 

Having the ability to position the products anywhere and pick any style of background, is a game-changer when creating promotional videos.


We were able to create cleaner product displays with similar results as if taken by a professional photographer.  

Modelling Products in 3D

The first stage of the creative process was to model each of their products in 3D and label them.

We requested they email our team all the labels of their products. 

Their signature mirror labelling was going to be a little tricky because of the reflections it captures. So finding the right environment to place the 3D models within was another thing to consider when setting up our scenery. 

To achieve realistic lighting into our 3D environment, we used an HDRI. 

Living room HDRI

HDRI are essentially snapshots of the real world that contain exquisitely detailed lighting information, which can transport bland CG objects into realistic virtual environments.


Now we have set up our scene and lighting, so our products are reflecting a real-world environment. 

It was time to work on the composition of the video.


Should I Promote My Products In 3D?


This part of the process is where we give life to static images and ensuring the video is informative and visually appealing. 

Once we mapped out the sequence of the video, we get a better understanding of where to add our transitions plus any additional elements to enhance the visuals. 


And just like that, Eve’s skin have their first promotional video created internally by CGI. 

Not to go into too much information about the creative process, we only want to share the most valuable steps which might answer any questions you may of have regarding our services and how we archive results in the final design.

Now you have a better understanding of the following:

3D Modelling- How we can model your products in 3D with labelling for realistic visuals.

HDRI Environment- “HDRI” stands for High Dynamic Range Image. Not only do they provide accurate lighting, but they can be seen in the background and in reflections, which makes them all the more immersive in a 3D composition. 

You don’t need a lot of content for the team at BTBD to create an impressive video.

Utilizing our skills gives your brand the best chance to stand out on social media.  

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