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drawn downunder case study
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I have been following Drawn Downunder on Instagram for a few months before collaborating with him on a project. So when Nick reached out to me to create a promotional video presenting his service and website, I couldn’t wait to get started on this project.

Nick is an OG artist! His drawings are 100% hand-drawn, and you can tell. 

There is something authentic about his work, which is warm and comedic and not over “computer generated,” which seems to be everywhere on social media. 

Considering the minimal nature of Nick’s drawings, I knew I had to keep the visuals organic and straightforward.

Note: This is not a tutorial on how to create this video. Instead, this project review will display all the facets of design that Beat Them By Design offer as a creative agency.

Project Overview

Before I get started on any project, I like to create a mood board. This helps me curate pictures I will use for the video plus additional text I must include in the video to enhance the viewer’s experience and understanding of what they are watching. 

mood board

Logo Animation

First, I wanted to focus on the logo animation aspect for this video because I have always envisioned his logo with subtle motion complementing it. Once I had created the animation for the logo, it will set the mood for what’s to follow.

I had considered keeping a white background throughout the video to emulate a blank piece of paper but eventually settled with ruled paper with margins that complemented Nick’s hand-drawn art. 

Once placing the logo on top of the ruled paper I had an idea to include the vertical lines into the animation which would emulate the logo coming through the paper and leaving a bulged impression around the logo. 

Staying with the black and white theme, I wanted the beach in the backdrop of his logo, so I placed a vector drawing of a beach and horizon into the background which complements his logo and gives perspective to his elements.

logo animation

The only elements of his logo I wanted to animate were the birds, trees, and hammock. 

Keeping everything in place was necessary for the logo because it represents the tropical vibes of Queensland, a hammock held by a pencil and a subtle Southern Cross in the form of some sea birds. 

Text Animation

Now that I had the logo animated and background sorted, I had to come up with a way of presenting the text of Drawn Downunder into the composition. 

My initial idea was to have the pen revealing the text one letter at a time, but eventually that seemed too predictable. Instead, I ended up animating the last letter R and have the pen reveal the top stroke. 

When the pen hits the end of the animated path, I added a subtle jump of the pen to show the logo popping out on the downstroke of the pen.

text animation

The last thing to add to this logo composition was a 3D camera that I had tilted on the vertical axis, following a path to its original position.

3D camera animation


For the transition, the first thing that pops to mind was water!

A transition with water effects was a perfect choice to visually announce the next scene, which would display his pen for hire service.


Keeping the pen for hire scene, simple was hard at first. Nick has a lot of fantastic work to choose from but I had to remind myself that the pen for hire text is the hero in the scene so his work would only have to visually complement the text.

The pencil and sharpener was a last minute addition to the scene. 

The second transition I created, simulated a 360-degree tumble in the water, displaying his website and shop now, with a cheeky after pay logo down the bottom.

Audio & Sound Effects

Sound effects give the composition a higher perspective and always enhances the viewer’s experience, plus keeps the viewers engaged.

First, I watch the composition a few times before I select the most natural elements to apply sounds effects.

The pencil on paper sound effect complements the introduction, a swoosh of palm trees effect follows revealing the logo. 

Flying seagulls above the water complement the logo.

Deciding on audio to feature throughout the composition was easy.

Can’t go wrong with a laid back acoustic guitar lick! 


Simplicity itself is an art form. 

I was thrilled with the finished outcome and felt the video embodied Drawn Downunder, with its organic visuals and natural sounds.

Are looking for good old fashion hand-drawn images that reflect your vision, your brand, your style? 

Then Nick’s pen for hire service is the right choice for you.

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