Passion Projects

passion projects

Passion Projects

Push our creativity and receive your project for FREE!

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What is Passion Projects?

Each month, we select a creative project that sparks our interest and deliver the project, FREE of charge. Anything from promo videos, logo animation, 3D animation or video editing.

Is Passion Projects for me?

Passion Projects is an excellent opportunity for start up brands or businesses to think outside the box and get creative with their marketing and visual design. 

passion projects

Why Passion Projects?

It has become a monthly exercise our team put time aside for, in the hopes of reaching a new demographic of clients, while giving back to local businesses that don’t have big budgets to spend on marketing and design. 

passion projects

Passion Projects

Push our creativity and receive your project for FREE!

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3D Logo Environment

3d logo

3D Logo

3d logo
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The concept of creating a 3D logo environment for a brand has always intrigued the team at BTBD.

We animate logos in 2D when creating promotional videos for our clients, but in this case. A 3D logo environment is the next level of logo animation.

Our team decided to use the logo of Drawn Downunder for this concept project.

Recently we had created a promotional video for the artist, which you can read more about at the Drawn Downunder Project.

During the logo animation stage, the team ask the question “what if we model his logo in a 3D environment?”

So in three days, the project was completed and the results captured a lot of attention on social media. 

The innovation had paid off! 

Drawn Downunder logo has entered the 3D world.

Low-Poly Modelling

Our goal was to create the logo environment in a low poly style of model.

Low-poly models are very popular and that is because they look awesome. They allow you to visualize an object with a very basic geometry without losing its essence.

So let’s dive into the creative process of 3D modelling and gain an understanding of how our creative team can bring your logo into the 3D realm.

But more importantly, incorporating the final render into a composition.


wire frame

A wireframe is a three-dimensional model that only includes vertices and lines. It does not contain surfaces, textures, or lighting like a 3D mesh. 

Instead, a wireframe model is a 3D image comprised of only “wires” that represent three-dimensional shapes.

“Wireframes provide the most basic representation of a three-dimensional scene or object.

Once the shape is created, surfaces or textures can be added to make the model appear more realistic.

Surface Modelling

Surface modelling is the method of showing or presenting solid objects. 

This stage requires us to define the exterior curves and shapes of our objects.


The elements we focused on was the palm trees, rocks and birds.

In the next stage, we apply textures and colours to our surfaces.

Texture Mapping

Now that our 3D objects are completed, it’s time to give life to what looks a grey and boring model.

Every face of our polygon model is assigned a texture coordinate. 

Basically, we are assigning colour through data attributes which allow greater control when calculating lighting.

Lighting The Scene

Just like a photographer sets up his or her scene for a shoot, the same can be applied in a 3D environment.

Having the right lighting will add soft shadows to our objects, which will give a more realistic appearance in the final render.

Final Render

And there you have it!

We hope you have enjoyed this behind the scenes walkthrough. 

Giving our client’s general knowledge of the services we provide, helps form a better productive relationship for future projects.

Through the years we have found that our clients are more creative than led to believe. 

People first need to see what is possible in innovative design to get their creative juices following; then our team takes care of the rest.

The marketing world is evolving every year with new tools, applications and formats for reaching a broader audience. 

But the one thing that stays true is design matters.

So beat them by design.

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Top 9 Promotional Videos of 2019

top 9 video 2019


Top 9 Promotional Videos of 2019

top 9 video 2019
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2019 was a massive year for the creative team at BTBD.

It’s when we look back and reflect on the projects we have completed for our clients; we get a sense of how lucky we are to be in a position to creatively design content which connects businesses to their targeted audience. 

We create content with the thought of cutting through the noise, which seems to be flooding social media these days and to deliver an informative and engaging promotional video to drive sales.

“Creativity is the force that drives our team.” 

Design is now more than ever at the forefront of content marketing, connecting your brand and service to the millions of people thanks to the reach of social media.  

But with so many businesses running ads and consistently posting fresh content on their Instagram feed, it’s hard not to think you’re falling behind if you are only posting once a week.

Repurpose Everything

We believe quality over quantity is the best strategy for a start-up or any business that thinks they might be falling behind, in terms of content creation.

The more resourceful you are with content as an online business, the more likely you will win the game of staying relevant on social media.

That is why we focus on repurposing content.”

As you’ll soon read, we have created fantastic promotional videos using only four images! 

Selecting our favourite videos of 2019 was a hard task but we got there in the end. 

We have taken the time to reflect on each promotional video and provided some insight into our creative process. This will help you get a general idea of how the team approaches projects and what we specifically look forward to achieving.

1. Elume Candles

This promotional video for Elume Candles was a concept project for the brand. 

For the introduction, we created a logo animation with organic sound effects which complements Elume’s products.

All the content in this video was repurposed from their website and Instagram account. 

Highlight: We utilized individual images of their products to create an eye-catching stop motion reel, displaying their full range of candles. This effect can be viewed 12 seconds into the video.

2. Killer Groom

The concept behind this promotional video for Killer Groom was to present three new products to hit the market. 

The video begins with their signature shotgun sound effect, which then reveals the logo and products, instantly informing the viewer.

Only five images were used for this promotional video. 

Highlight: Converting 2D images into 3D. We achieved this by adding depth of field to each image which gives each product distance between the nearest and furthest when floating in the air.

3. Batch Brewing Co

No project our team works on is ever the same

In this case, the name of the product heavily influenced the audio and composition.

Their New England Sour beer is named Hay Z after the iconic rapper Jay Z. This promotional video had to have elements of hops and Hip Hop.

For the audio we decided on the 99 Problems beat by Jay Z & Rick Rubin. This banging beat was perfect for the video.

Highlight: Repurposing an Instagram story post which had the boomerang effect applied to it. We synchronized the footage to the scratches within the beat. This effect can be seen 10 seconds into the video.

4. Palm Angels

This was a concept video for the streetwear brand Palm Angels.

The release of their highly anticipated Recovery Sneakers, was a great opportunity for our team to create a promotional video showcasing the sneakers. 

With only six images to work with and footage from the 2019 spring-summer fashion show, we had more than enough content to produce a banger of a promotional video.

Highlight: We created transition slides, replicating the straps of each sneaker.

5. Wanderlust Bikinis

This promotional video for Wanderlust Bikinis has a myriad of design gems. We created a project overview which you can read more about.

The team did a great job delivering an eye-catching video that was both informative and visually engaging.

Highlight: This project was the first to feature our new voiceover service. We ended the video by vocalizing the brand’s slogan, which adds a human touch to the overall composition. 

6. Reckonize Real

Reckonize Real reached out to the BTBD team on Instagram enquiring about creating a short promo video for his upcoming album, Bridges and Tunnels. 

Little did we now that the final product exceeded our expectations. We cover the design process of this video in the Bridges and Tunnels project.

Highlights: The comic book style effects and camera motion, gives this video that dramatic feel that suits the genre.

7. Aztek The Barfly

This project for Aztek The Barfly, was the catalyst for composing promotional videos for artists. 

The team discovered new ways of repurposing content from the Ricky Pierce music video to create a banger of video for his social media platforms.

Highlight: The beginning of the video, the lion morphs into Aztek, and at the end, comes face to face with the lion.

8. Johnny Slash

2019 marks our two year creative relationship with beatmaker and producer, Johnny Slash. 

One of the projects that stood out was The Throwback Rack.

The team created a vintage style reel to reel tape player, using Johnny’s beats from his YouTube channel. 

Highlight: Animating the UV meters to sync with the beat.

9. Christmas Gift Box

This video we created for Ms.Lova was to promote her limited edition Christmas gift box. 

The team chose to keep this video clean and simple. 

Highlight: Animating the opening of the gift box to then fade away, was a nice transition to reveal the “coming soon” text.

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