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Recently the team at BTBD had launched Passion Projects. 

Each month, we select a creative project that sparks our interest and deliver the project, free of charge.

Passion Projects is an excellent opportunity for start up brands or businesses to think outside the box and get creative with their marketing and visual design. 

Built Strength & Conditioning is a small group strength training studio based in Adelaide, South Australia. Built caught our attention on social media from a post showcasing the logo they had on one of the walls of their gym. 

Once we set eyes on the Built logo, instantly we could see this logo animated.

Built logo animation project was a perfect candidate for our Passion Projects.

So what’s the deal with Passion Projects?

“You push our creativity and receive your project for FREE!”

Anything from promo videos, logo animation, 3D animation or video editing.

In return, our team venture into uncharted industries, which forces our design team to exercise creative thinking.

It has become a monthly exercise our team put time aside for, in the hopes of reaching a new demographic of clients, while giving back to local businesses that don’t have big budgets to spend on marketing and design.

Have you ever envisioned your logo/ mascot animated into a promotional video for your brand or business? 

Submit your concept idea to peter@beatthembydesign.com and good luck.

Also keep reading as we pull back the curtain of animating the Built logo.

Not to go into too much detail about our creative process, we only want to share the most valuable steps which might answer any questions you may have regarding our services and how we achieve results in the final design.

Project Overview

The main goal of this creative project was to keep everything original.

Our motion designers went straight to work mapping out ideas of animating their logo that would genuinely represent Built as a strength and conditioning gym.

built logo

Before we could start animating the logo, we first needed the digital files.

Then we decided to step up the challenge, so instead of asking for the logo… let’s recreate it ourselves.”

Recreating the logo ended up becoming more beneficial to us, as we had more control of animating all elements of the logo.

Recreating The Logo

The process we use for recreating the logo is called vector tracing.

We trace over the image using shape layer. This ensures there is no loss of quality when scaling or manipulating the logo in the animation process.

Now that we had each element of the logo traced and in different layers, we had total control, allowing us to animate the hands, eyes and hair.

Our next stage of this project was to start animating the logo. 


3D Logo Environment

Animating The Logo

When it comes to animating logos, the possibilities are endless. 

We already planned to have the gorilla pop up and punch its fists, revealing Built 2020, but felt like it needed something related to the gym. 

Then we came up with the idea of the gorilla bending a bar stacked with weights and then throwing it down.

Adding sound effects to the gorilla’s actions, gives a sense of realism.

Applying camera blur to the gorilla giving it a (bokeh) depth of field, made the composition look 3D and not so flat. You can tell that the hands are slightly more in focus than the face.

The crown dropping onto the gorilla’s head was a great way to end the animation. 


And there you have it!

What was once a still image of a logo on a wall is now an animated promotional video, ready to run ads on social media. 

As a creative agency, we strongly believe in repurposing content.

You have just learnt how our team can bring to life a static logo, by recreating the logo (vector tracing) to animate any element of the design. Then integrate the composition into a promotional video.

Motion graphics and 3D animation are accessible to everyone these days. Businesses are taking advantage of all facets of design to enhance their content.

Don’t let your business get left behind. 

Need to enhance your content?

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