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Reckonize Real

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Bridges & Tunnels Project

bridges and tunnels project
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Reckonize Real hit me up on Instagram enquiring about creating a short promo video for his upcoming album Bridges and Tunnels. 

With an all-star lineup of artists like Guilty Simpson, Blu, Jamal Gasol, Rasheed Chappell and many more. This project was to be a massive collaborative effort, and I was honoured to be part of it. 

I am a big Hip Hop fan, so he came to the right place.

So keep reading as I take you through my creative process of the Bridges and Tunnels promo video:

1. Project overview

2. Content curation

3. Concept 

4. Animation 

Note: This is not a tutorial on how to create this video. Instead, this project review will display all the facets of design that Beat Them By Design offer as a creative agency. 

Let’s get started! 

Project Overview

The album is about connecting with artists from all over the US. Each emcee on the album is rapping about their city or surroundings.

First things first, music and album cover. 

bridges and tunnels album cover
bridges and tunnels track list


Once I received an advanced copy of the album and artwork, I immediately had ideas. The broken glass frame stood out, which gave me a great theme to use throughout the composition. 

My work process is never the same; I need one idea to get the ball rolling, then it’s a matter of trial and error. 

I always say to myself “exhaust all ideas” then move on.

The dimensions of the video are 1080 x 1080, which is the regular post size for Instagram and Facebook. The time frame of this video was to be 59 seconds, with twelve artists featured in this album, I had my work cut out. 

Content Curation

I had no content to work with besides google images of bridges and tunnels. 

So, the stalking begins!

I searched online, the artists that were on this album, to collect as many images that were available to use for the promo video. Facebook, Instagram and YouTube provided me with more than enough material.

Now, which artists would I feature in the video?

I refer to my trusty mood board to help brainstorm ideas.

mood board

Now that I had my images ready, it was time to come up with a concept for the composition.


Straight away, I knew that I couldn’t fit all twelve artists into one composition within the time frame for this video.

Instead, I decided to select four artists displaying their cities iconic bridges.


It was now time to fill out the composition with more content and what better way to do so than with motion graphics.

I have a go-to concept when it comes to creating hip hop videos, and that is a comic book effect. 

The reason why this comic book effect works so well with hip hop, is that rappers do write in a alter ego way which resonates with superheroes.

comic concept

Adding this comic effect to the content levels out pixels, so each image has the same consistency.


Rasheed Chappell Music Video

Motion Design

Now that I had created my scenes, it was time to add motion to the composition.

The final product would surpass even my expectations, quickly becoming the stand out of my motion design portfolio. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

Before I started adding any motion to the composition, I mapped out each scenes timeframe.

motion design

Every scene will play for the length of four bars of each track, which will give the composition a consistent flow.

Also, within the scenes, I would add some camera lens blur, 3D camera motion and transitions, which gives the video that dramatic feel.

One last thing before I wrap this up, when looking through the content of Jamal Gasol, I noticed he has a cool logo that gave me an idea to animate and include in the video. 

jamal gasol logo animation

Social Media Design

When it was time to promote the album on social media, I thought it would be a good idea to get everyone that was involved in the project posting their tracks in stories on their feed. 

I created twelve swipe up stories (1920 x 1080) which can be used on Instagram and FB, displaying the album cover, track title and artist’s name.

A cool audio waveform complementing the artist’s track, gives this swipe ad a slick finish.


Oops! All Bangers Project


We raised the bar high with this promo video.

What made this project all the more rewarding was the creative freedom Recknoize Real allowed me to express with this collaboration.

This was our first project and I have a feeling it won’t be our last. 

I hope this project overview has opened your eyes to the endless possibilities of how Beat Them By Design can repurpose and enhance your content.

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