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promote products 3d
Marketing Design

Should I Promote My Products In 3D?​

Lately, we have brands enquiring about the benefits of promoting their products in 3D, and if they to should promote their products in 3D. Our approach towards creating promotional content by CGI is purely to maximize engagement

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passion projects
Design Inspiration

Passion Projects

Recently the team at BTBD had launched Passion Projects. Each month, we select a creative project that sparks our interest and deliver the project, FREE of charge. Anything from promo videos, logo animation, 3D animation or video editing.

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3d logo
Design Inspiration

3D Logo Environment

The concept of creating a 3D logo environment for a brand has always intrigued the team at BTBD. So let’s drive into the creative process of 3D modelling for you to get a general understanding of how our creative team can bring your logo into the 3D realm.

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top 9 video 2019
Design Inspiration

Top 9 Promotional Videos of 2019

2019 was an amazing year for Beat Them By Design. This will help you get a general idea of how the team approaches promotional videos and what we specifically look forward to achieving.

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