Should I Promote My Products In 3D?


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Lately we have had brands enquiring about the benefits of promoting their products in 3D.

Our approach towards creating promotional content by CGI is purely to maximize engagement, while informing your audience about your products, so the viewing experience becomes extremely gratifying and memorable.

“Whether you know it or not, your product conveys emotions.” 

Through visual design, we create the platform for your products, which can help your audience absorb your brand’s message with more enthusiasm.

Eve's Skin
Body Wash Images_
Ms.Lova Body Wash

Product tangibility can help build customer loyalty because it lets them know you have their needs on your mind and appreciate their business. Which, in turn, positively and strongly affects customer purchase intentions.


Is it time to ditch your photographer?

You might be thinking it’s time to ditch your photographer.

If you are currently using a photographer for your product promotions, keep them. 

Photographers are the back bone of any online business and do not underestimate the importance of product photography.

“CGI is not to replace photographers but to add another asset to your online business for creative content.” 

Not every post on your social feed has to be CGI renders of your products, but a nice mix of creative imagery can have a direct hand in improving your brands credibility.

Here are three reasons to promote products in 3D.

3 Reasons to promote products in 3D

Modelling products 3d

1. Versatile – Once you have your product modelled in a 3D environment, the possibilities are endless. 

Your audience can view your product 360 degrees, showcasing any other features it may have that would be hidden in a 2D static image. Customizing scenes and backdrops give your promotional content another element of professionalism.

Logo animation of your products can also boost online engagement to add that WOW factor to your promotional videos. 

2. Practical –  If you are about to launch a new product but are unable to hire a photographer in time, then photorealistic rendering can be the next best thing.

Our CGI service also helps to reduce the transportation costs incurred during travelling, and at the same time, it can also help to overcome a lot of transportation hassles that commonly occur during traditional photoshoots.

The only references we need to create a product in 3D are; labels, decals and dimensions, and we’re good to go. 

Eve’s Skin Project is a perfect example of how our team created a CGI promotional video.

3. Affordable – It’s no surprise that significant brands still use 3D animation for their advertisements on T.V. because of its highly engaging capabilities and power to keep viewers entertained.

But now in 2020, it’s an even playing field.

Just like motion graphics are replacing traditional graphic design, 3D animation will become the new standard of promotional content for online businesses. 

Although very few brands you follow may not promote their products in 3D, it does not mean that you shouldn’t consider looking into it. It’s what your competitors are not doing, that leaves an opportunity for your brand to capitalize.


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If an image speaks a thousand words, then a 3D render can speak a millon words!

Perception is everything…these days.

With so much pressure from social media platforms asking businesses to post more frequently, is crazy.

Not all social media agencies provide CGI animations with their services. 

So it helps to know as a business owner that there are other alternatives for creative marketing.

Finding a balance of creative content for your audience is crucial for sustaining your followers and generating new leads.

Everyone has static product images, but very few have their products spinning, twisting and opening all within 3 seconds!

It’s time to take your product promotions to the next level of advertising.

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