Sell Anything With Instagram’s Carousel

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Sell Anything With Instagram’s Carousel
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Instagram’s Carousels allow any account to use multiple media (images or video) in one post.

It’s a cost-effective, concise, and engaging way to communicate your marketing message. No more trying to figure out which picture to post, you can upload up to 10 images inside one carousel.

For this blog post, we are going to breakdown a recent carousel we created for our client Ms.Lova. 

Many businesses are now taking advantage of the carousel feature on Instagram as it’s a highly engaging and interactive format that performs ten times better than regular ads.

Carousel Framework

There is no set rule in constructing an Instagram carousel, but there is a guide you can follow that will build trust even when you want to sell.

instagram carousel framework

Although this guide may seem logical, remember you know your audience better, so don’t keep them hanging when swiping through your carousel. 

Establish from the beginning that your content is of value to them. 

A well designed carousel can get your prospects excited before reaching the action/destination.

Here are three marketing design tips that can increase the “swipe-ability” of your carousel.

1. Use Your Content

There is nothing worse than seeing a business on Instagram not using their content when posting sale promotions.

Stock free images are everywhere on social media these days, and if you want any chance of standing out amongst your competitors, you need to start creating quality content. 

Repurposing higher quality content is much more useful than purchasing a stock image.

Only six images were used to create this Ms.Lova carousel post. 


Use images to support your message.

2. Start Strong But Finish Stronger

Having the intro image corresponding with the title, is an excellent way to begin.

Like I said before, don’t waste your audiences time. 

The first slide, we established that Ms.Lova is offering training. The training kit in the second slide gives the audience something tangible to consider with the price. 

Informing your viewers from the beginning and what is in it for them, will increase the chances of them swiping right.

The next slides should focus on the problem and try highlighting keywords for more significant visuals.

We have now presented an alternative to starting your own profitable spray tan business and displayed past students completing the training; it’s now time to deliver value.


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3. Solve Your Audience's Problem

This stage of the carousel is the last chance to show you can solve their problem.

Informative as this carousel is, we are not done yet!

Ask them in the description to take action.

Ms.Lova has asked her audience to tag a friend and comment “Yes Please” in the comment section below.

use instagram description to sell

Final Thoughts

People love to buy but hate to be sold.

Reading the caption while swiping, your audience absorbs the whole story with more enthusiasm.

Try new things, and be creative when posting content on instagram. 

I hope this blog post has opened your eyes to the endless possibilities of repurposing content using Instagram’s carousel.

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